Gold holiday bells with pine and a purple ribbon.


It's our pleasure to offer some unique options this holiday season. 

Gold holiday bells with pine and a purple ribbon.

Santa's calendar is filling up fast... Book early!

For holiday community enjoyment, we're pleased to present this year-- not just any Santa -- but... TheRealBeardedSanta  ! 


Santa is available for in-person and virtual appearances, including holiday visits, parties and strolls, as well as heartwarming ventriloquist performances with his 40-inch elf and Doug, the Talking Dog!  

Santa Visits
Santa Performances
Virtual Santa

A Growing Epidemic

Elderly lady laughing with Santa while sitting on his lap.

Santa has a special place in his heart for older adult friends living in community. He loves visiting residential, assisted living, long-, for holiday appearances, parties or strolls. Request for photos accepted to create lasting holiday memories! $450 and up. 

Sounding the Alarm

Santa with an elf dummy and dog puppet.

Who knew that Santa is also a ventriloquist? A holiday performance with Santa's 40-inch elf, Doug, the Talking Dog, or even the famous "Charlie McCarthy", is sure to inspire sheer cheer for audiences of all ages -- from 2 to 102!  $450 and up.

Filling the Gap

A waving virtual Santa on a computer screen.

Virtual visits/performances by Santa are another great option for spreading holiday cheer, whether as a specially priced extra holiday option or during flu outbreaks. Santa can customize your virtual event, using his "green board" for added flair!  $240 and up.  

Santa's sleigh isn't as efficient as it used to be! Mileage may apply to rates.