The Artwork

The book's cover artwork is derived from an original oil painting on canvas.


The author commissioned local NH artist (now retired school nurse), Julie Cyr, to create a work that would reflect the author's vision for the book's cover.


Ms. Cyr devoted several weeks to completing the project. Using specifically prescribed symbolic parameters, she masterfully captured the resulting seascape.

Interpreting the Artwork

The ocean symbolizes LIFE.  


With its distinct ebb and flow, the tides of life are in constant flux, subject to variable conditions and often making for difficult navigation. Yet, the beauty of life's ocean abounds, no matter its temperament.   


The sky symbolizes HOPE.

Gray skies may obscure the sun, but it is always present, still shining behind the clouds. In times of strife, we are reminded that the sun is ever there, albeit in shadow, bright, warm and ready to emerge after any storm.


The lighthouse symbolizes FAITH. 


Its beacon is a guiding light to help us navigate life's rough waters. It represents spirituality or other personal source of strength in trying times.

The large shells symbolize BLESSINGS.


Life's greatest gifts are our blessings, ever scattered upon the shore of our life, the perpetual by-product of life's changing tides. Ironically enough, they are often discovered in greatest number after a storm!