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Visitation Activity Options 

Clients may choose from a variety of indoor/outdoor activity options, based on their interest or preference. See options below.


In some cases and to ensure complete client comfort and safety, some options may be limited (due to client ambulation/mobility) or modified (due to weather, service type or other considerations). For more information, please review our Service Terms, Conditions and Exclusions here

Indoor Options  
  • Arts/crafts/creativity

  • Games/trivia/puzzles

  • Cooking/baking

  • Sharing meals

  • Reading/book discussion

  • Writing/correspondence

  • Music/listening enjoyment 

  • Computer games/technology

  • News/current events/culture

Outdoor Options
  • "Al fresco" visits

  • Light walking/nature walks

  • Restaurants/coffee shops 

  • Museum excursions

  • Shows/concerts

  • Library visits/public events

  • Shopping/antiquing 

  • Scenic/beach excursions

  • Visits to friends

Fully insured for peace of mind. 
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