About the Performers
Rose Whitcomb

Originally from NY, Rose a gifted clarinetist, pianist and educator who is passionate about sharing music with people of all ages and ensuring equal access to music in communities everywhere. Her talents are often showcased in ensemble, orchestral and chamber performances in the NYC & Boston areas. Rose is a graduate of Harvard University and a music teacher in the Everett (MA) Public School System. She is also pursuing graduate studies at Boston University, Learn more about Rose at: https://www.yellowrosemusic.org/

Tiffany MacNeil

Originally from CA, Tiffany is a talented singer, songwriter and creative musical artist from NH. Her music is authentic and thought-provoking and often celebrates the human connection to nature and animals. A love of horses inspires her work. Tiffany recently released a new single, "Glance of Belle", a song about a mare ("Belle") that offers a message of hope/perspective at these challenging times..Passionate about working (and making music) with older adults, Tiffany has both elder care and "Memory Cafe" experience. Learn more at: https://tiffanymacneil.com/.

Don Flynn

A native of NH, Don has been singing since the age of seven. when he joined his church choir. Throughout his singing career, he has toured and performed in Europe (France and Italy, including at St. Paul's Basilica), as well as at New York's Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall and other venues. Don continues to serve as soloist/cantor for parishioners at the OLMM (Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Hampton NH) ) faith community. He lives in Seabrook (with his four dogs!) and regularly performs at weddings and funerals. Don can be contacted at: itsdonflynn@gmail.com.