We continue to monitor Covid-19 guidelines, policies and restrictions. Given ongoing concerns about the virus, the vulnerability of older adult populations and continued recommendations for social distancing, conditions will likely be protracted.  


While states have instituted some reopening guidelines (with considerable restrictions), it remains unclear if or when we will be able to resume full services and performances.


Our individualized services remain suspended. However, on the group entertainment front, we are offering live "al fresco" (outdoor) shows for the summer-fall season, subject to Covid-19 restrictions, facility accommodations and weather. We will also soon be offering virtual options for affordably priced on-demand group entertainment.

As always, safety remains a top priority. Stay informed and observe appropriate precautions. We thank the myriad medical professionals, caregivers, support personnel, volunteers and family/friends, who are caring for, assisting with or administering to the needs of older adults during this pandemic. Their courage, dedication and heroism are inspirational. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay safe and healthy! 

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