As we continue to monitor Covid-19 information, many restrictions remain in place. Therefore, it remains unclear when we will be able to resume full services

In the meantime, we have developed a safety policy, in accordance with CDC (US Centers For Disease Control) COVID-19 guidelines, for conducting business as safely as possible and helping to mitigate virus spread. 


Please refer to our “COVID-19 Safety Policy" for more information.

Our individualized services remain suspended until further notice. However, we are offering options for live/outdoor "al fresco" entertainment (available for the remainder of the summer/fall season and subject to Covid-19 restrictions, facility accommodations and weather.) 

We also continue to consider virtual options for remote, readily available and affordable entertainment programming.


Safety remains a top priority. Stay informed and observe appropriate precautions. Contact information for the CDC and state government updates (in our service area) can be found on our Resources page.


We appreciate the myriad medical professionals, caregivers, support personnel, volunteers and family/friends, who continue to provide care and assistance to so many during this pandemic. Their courage, dedication and heroism are truly inspirational. 


Thank you. Stay safe and healthy! 

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