Resumption of partial services is anticipated effective August 15, 2021. 


We continue to monitor Covid-19 guidelines. Our top priority continues to be the safety and well-being of clients, providers and business partners.


Our companionship/visitation providers are fully vaccinated. Group entertainment providers are subject to the safety protocols of respective facilities/venues. General mitigation and safety procedures remain in place:


  • Sanitizing/disinfection  

  • Masks, as appropriate/required

  • Social distancing, as appropriate/required 

Our COVID-19 safety policy is governed by guidance from the U.S. Centers For Disease Control (CDC). The intended purpose of this policy is to conduct safe businesses practices and to help mitigate virus spread.

All parties acknowledge that unavoidable risks always exist for contracting COVID-19 (or any airborne virus). Therefore, Meriatrics accepts no associated responsibility or legal liability.



  • Requires direct visitation/companionship providers to be fully-vaccinated. 

  • Maintains general safety precautions for all providers, including sanitizing, masks, distancing, as appropriate

  • Provides a copy of facility/venue safety policy to respective service providers.


  • Will cancel any scheduled services/performance (without penalty to facility/venue) if a service provider tests positive or is unable to comply with facility/venue safety protocols.


  • Reserves the right to modify/cancel/postpone services/performances, if in our sole opinion, doing so is warranted (based on CDC guidelines) or for the potential health/safety/well-being of providers or others.

  • Reserves the right to change/modify this policy at any time, for any reason.

Service Providers:

  • Visitation/companionship service providers must be fully vaccinated. Group entertainment providers are subject to facility/venue safety policies.


  • Will notify Meriatrics  promptly if they've tested positive for COVID-19 or are unable to meet venue/facility policies.

  • Will observe general mitigation measures, including sanitizing, face masks, social distancing , etc. while providing services (unless appropriately/safely modified and agreed to between the parties for performance quality).

  • Reserve the right to decline any scheduled services/performances if, in their opinion, their health/safety, or that of others would be compromised.



  • Will provide an advance copy of their COVID/virus policy for visitors/providers, prior to any scheduled services.


  • Will not allow audience members to be present during provider/performer set-up.


  • Will not touch (or allow others to touch) service provider equipment/personal belongings.


  • Reserve the right to cancel/postpone/reschedule any Meriatrics  services/performance for health/safety reasons without financial penalty.





For more information about Covid-19 state resources, including vaccination programs, visit:  


New Hampshire Residents: Visit

Massachusetts Residents: Visit

Maine Residents: Visit

Contact information for U.S. Center For Disease Control (CDC) and state governments can also be found on our Resources page. 

Thank you for your interest and support. Stay safe and healthy!