Covid Connections is a collaborative goodwill effort to enhance support and enjoyment for older adults during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. This effort is made possible by businesses, performers, providers and others -- who also serve older adults -- and wish to "give back" during this crisis by sharing virtual contributions. Their offerings include promotions, music/entertainment, informative support and other interesting content. We thank them for their spirit of goodwill and welcome contributions from others who support this mission. 

Tiffany MacNeil, Singer/Songwriter
Video Selections - New Meriatrics Provider
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Tiffany MacNeil is a talented singer/songwriter from NH. Her music is authentic and thought-provoking, often celebrating our connections to nature, animals and ourselves. A love of horses inspires her work.


Her newly released single, “Glance of Belle”, was inspired by a mare named Belle and offers a message of “hope and perspective during these difficult times”. It complements a newly launched podcast, "Animals of a New Earth”.


Tiffany is also a new Meriatrics program provider. See will be hosting our upcoming "Wild, Wild West" entertainment offering. See our services page for more info. 


We hope you enjoy Tiffany's music videos. She can be reached at:

“Awake, Arise!”
A song of inspiration to start the day!
"You've Got Time Now"
The wonder of being in the moment!
Kevin Driscoll, Musical Ventriloquist & Entertainer 
Free "Happy Birthday" Singing Telegrams
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We are pleased to introduce Kevin Driscoll, a talented musical ventriloquist/entertainer, from Framingham, MA, who enjoys performing for both the young, and, the young at heart! 


With his "Driscoll Dummies", Kevin has been wowing audiences of all ages for years. His performances are fun, funny and upbeat. Seniors especially enjoy his shows with Dummy "Charlie McCarthy". Many organizations, care facilities and schools host his performances. Read more about Kevin and his work in this newspaper article

As an expression of goodwill and paying his business success forward during the pandemic, Kevin is offering free "Happy Birthday" singing telegrams for New England seniors. To submit a request, click on the graphic to the left or visit http://www.KevinDriscollProductions.

Also, don't miss his "Corona Blues" video, with "Doug, the Talking Dog", below. Kevin can be reached at or by calling (617) 901-6232

A unique Coronavirus graphic!
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"The Corona Virus Blues", with "Doug, the Talking Dog
Kerri Lake, Facilitator, Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker
Podcast - "Animals of a New Earth" 
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Kerri Lake's life passion is to help people live life more fully, authentically and happily. She is a gifted teacher, motivational speaker, with a warm and vibrant personality, a strong but soothing presence and tremendous insight into the human heart and spirit.


Kerri is the creator of "Generation of Harmony". In her work, she helps others to recognize what she calls "profoundly" within each of us, that can be used to live with greater self-awareness, integrity and grace -- without the fears, conflicts or judgements that often cloud our relationships ord experiences.


Her video "The Beauty of Being in Kindergarten" is linked below. It offers perspectives of kindness that can help people make changes with grace. Kerri also offers virtual sessions uniquely tailored to the person with whom she works. Her new podcast, "Animals of a New Earth" explores "operating from the heart" via our experiences and relationships with animals.

Kerri can be reached at (858) 461-9327 or by email at:

Click here to follow Kerri's podcast.
Bob Desmarais, Singer, Guitarist, Entertainer & More
A Virtual Performance, "Bob's Sing-Along"
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Bob Desmarais is a talented and prolific NH-based singer, guitarist and performer, with over 1,000 performances to his credit. He is also the owner of NHTunes.Biz, a Manchester, NH-based business that offers both voice and instrumental lessons, as well as instrument rentals and studio recording services. Bob is also a member of AES (Audio Engineering Society.)


As a performer, Bob provides live entertainment for private parties and corporate functions. However, he’s maybe best known for “Bob’s Sing Along”, a one-hour show tailored specifically for engaging older audiences. He performs at local senior centers and nursing homes, where his appearances are always well-received. His sing-along selections range from the 1940’s to today and include everything from "traditional folk classics to golden age standards".

Enjoy a 30-minute video (below) of “Bob’s Sing Along” for your viewing/listening pleasure.


Visit to learn more. NHTunes.Biz is located at 250 Commercial St. Ste. 2017, Manchester, NH 03103. Bob can also be reached at (603) 660-2208 or via email at

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"Here On Earth Worship" Band, Exeter, NH
Contemporary Worship Music 
HOEW - spring 2019.webp

"Here On Earth Worship" is a popular contemporary Catholic worship band, founded by young NH Seacoast musicians -- Samantha Moore (lead vocals), T.J. Johnson (guitar), Spencer Gregory (keys/vocals), Nick Liguori (drums) and Justin Williams (bass.) Their mission is to help others (especially young people) build a closer relationship with God through music. 


The group was formed in 2015 and originally known as the HOPE band (an acronym for "He Opens People's Eyes.) As their popularity increased, they changed the band's name to "Here on Earth Worship", hoping to invoke greater clarity about their ministry. They also started collaborating to create their own original music. 

In 2019, they cut their first single, "Jesus I Trust in You" (listen below.) The lyrics and melody were written by Samantha during a time of personal challenge. 

The "Here On Earth Worship" band is now very much in demand as they continue to inspire audiences of all ages at masses, retreats, workshops, conferences and festivals. They were also recently featured as the cover story for "Parable" magazine (May/June, 2020). 

Visit their website at can also be contacted at 

youth.stmarynh@gmail.comTheir music is available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

"Jesus I trust In You"

Lyrics - "Jesus I trust In You"

No matter the place or time

No matter what I feel like

I know, God, you're in control

Even when I feel alone

Even when I don't know where I am,

God you're in control.

Lord, you carry me, You bled and died for me,

Oh God I know You're in control.

Jesus I trust in You.

Help me to trust in You.

Jesus I trust,

Oh God I trust in you.

God give me grace now

I don't know where this storm is headed

You have given me everything

So why do I turn my back?

How can I forget Your Love God?

Your love is greater than all my fears.