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A sky full of colorful hot air balloons.

Group Enrichment  

When it comes to creative enrichment for older adults, the sky's the limit!


Our one-hour programs (options below) include a variety of themes and topics. Introductory pricing is just $100 per program, to enhance affordability for older adult communities, care facilities, senior centers and organizations.


New enrichment options will be added over time for expanded variety. 

Options For Enrichment

Enrichment: Now Booking 

A blue/green graphic of leaves around Mother Earth as she holds the world in the palm of her hand.

Mother Earth: A Visit & Plea For Help 

A one-hour program in honor of World Environment Day. Our own costumed "Mother Earth" shares her concerns about the dangers of plastics and their impact on nature and sea life -- not to mention us! Audience discussion about ways we can help, followed by a photo op with Mother Earth as she distributes a sweet treat.  $100

Betsy Ross: Did She or Didn't She?

A visit from "Betsy Ross" in commemoration of Flag Day. Our costumed Betsy tells her story of how she came to create the first American flag (though there's no documented evidence). She also shares the secret of making a five-point star -- in one single cut of the scissors, which the audience can try! A photo op with Betsy and a sweet treat rounds out the program.  $100

A red/white/blue graphic depicting illustrations of Betsy Ross and the American flag.
A black and white photo of the Normandy invasion on D-Day during WW II.

Through the Eyes of a Hero's Daughter

This program commemorates D-Day (June 6) and World War II. One soldier's experience serving in the Battle for Brest is recounted by his daughter. Visuals (posters/media) and audience discussion follow. The program concludes with the singing of our National Anthem (led by a recording of the veteran's granddaughter), a patriotic treat and a WW II take-along activity.  $100    

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