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A group of older adults clapping during a performance.

Group Services

Our 2023 summer season has concluded.
Options for the 2023 holiday season are now under review.

Group services are designed to supplement community enjoyment, entertainment and enrichment for older adults in nursing homes, assisted living and 55+ residences, medical/rehabilitation facilities and senior organizations. 

We offer musical/variety entertainment and group enrichment programs, as available. Entertainment to date has been packaged/performed by professional independent contractors, subject to market pricing and starting at $375. We continue to evaluate entertainment options at various price points. Enrichment presentations are developed/delivered in-house, starting at $150. All programs are one-hour and subject to availability/booking.


Customized services, on an as-needed and as-requested basis, are now under consideration for early 2024, to potentially include the preparation/coordination of facility/organization events and presentation of educational programs. Such will align with our goal of enhancing and diversifying group enjoyment for older adults, while also supporting facility-driven programming that's meaningful to respective audiences and improving cost/affordability. 

Educational Option
A smiling elderly man, with both thumbs-up, saying "yes" to more learning.
Yes, please. Let the learning continue!
Photo Courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels
Feedback and suggestions always welcome! 
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