Here On Earth Worship Band - continued

Through their music, these talented musicians -- Samantha Moore (lead vocals), T.J. Johnson (guitar), Spencer Gregory (keys/vocals), Nick Liguori (drums) and Justin Williams (bass) -- inspire audiences of all ages, at masses, retreats, workshops, conferences and festivals, The group was also recently featured as the cover story for "Parable" magazine (May/June, 2020). 

Originally formed in 2015, the band was first known as the "HOPE Band" (an acronym for "He Opens People's Eyes.) As their popularity increased, they changed the band's name to "Here on Earth Worship", to invoke greater clarity and understanding about their work and ministry. 


The music of "Here On Earth Worship Band" can be found on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music. The group can be reached at

Lyrics - "Jesus I Trust In You"

No matter the place or time

No matter what I feel like

I know, God, you're in control

Even when I feel alone

Even when I don't know where I am,

God you're in control.

Lord, you carry me, You bled and died for me,

Oh God I know You're in control.

Jesus I trust in You.

Help me to trust in You.

Jesus I trust,

Oh God I trust in you.

God give me grace now

I don't know where this storm is headed

You have given me everything

So why do I turn my back?

How can I forget Your Love God?

Your love is greater than all my fears.