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A female client smiling while getting a hug from her companion.

Individual Services 

We make social calls -- directly, virtually, and remotely! See our service options below.

Our individual services offer one-on-one visitation and companionship, coupled with guided activity. A wide variety of potential indoor/outdoor activity options are available based on client interest. (Note: Some activity options may be subject to client mobility/ambulation or modification due to safety, weather, or other relevant conditions.)


Individual services can be delivered in most settings (at home, in assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation centers) and may also offer short-term respite alternatives for families/caregivers. 


By the hour/half-hour, by appointment only. Standing weekly/monthly appointments welcome to ensure service priority and regularity.  

100% Client-Focused

Unlike agencies that deliver multiple services at the same time, our services are devoted exclusively to social engagement and enjoyment. So our clients receive 100% of our time and attention. 


Visitation options include direct in-home services and remote virtual/phone options, for optimal client convenience and peace of mind for those not comfortable welcoming others into their home or private space.  

An older adult man enjoying a virtual visit on his computer with a provider.
Service Options

Visitation Options 

Direct Social Calls

Individualized/personalized social calls delivered in any home/care setting. Activities and enjoyment are tailored to client interests. Bookings by the hour or half-hour. Local service area only. Travel surcharge(s) may apply.*    

Remote Social Calls

Social calls by mobile phone or landline. Good option for those who prefer indirect visits, have no internet or lack technical support. Most affordable service rate. Client responsible for any charges incurred by device provider for usage or minutes exceeding client plan. 

Virtual Social Calls

Social calls via internet platforms (i.e. Zoom, Skype, etc.) Computer or tablet & wireless connection required. Set-up assistance may be needed on client end. Activity modified for virtual delivery.

Local service area or beyond. 

"Meri Pop-Ins"

Customized gift delivery and presentation for birthdays or other special occasions. Includes balloons and FaceTime call between gifter and giftee. Local service area only. Travel surcharge may apply.* Cost of gift(s) not included. 

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