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The Sunflower

Our Inspiration


It's one of nature's greatest wonders -- and a perfect symbol for Meriatrics.


The sunflower is more than just beautiful and uplifting; its history, purpose and meaning are truly amazing. Known as the happiest of all flowers, the sunflower is said to symbolize health and vitality by attracting light into our lives.  


Native to North America, the wild sunflower is thought to have been first cultivated by the American Indian as early as about 3000-1000 BC. It was a common crop among tribes, used for cooking, medicinal purposes and to create dyes for textiles.

The sunflower appears to be just one giant flower, but in reality, each flower has thousands of blooms. In fact, one sunflower head can have as many as 2,000 blooms! And, while the blooms in the center go to seed, the "sun ray" petals do not. 

Close-up of a large, beautiful sunflower in a sunflower field.

Sunflowers optimize the use of light in a process known as "solar tracking". When the plant is in its bud stage, motor cells move the head to face the sun, allowing the plant to follow the movement of the sun across the horizon, from east to west. 


Most amazing of all is the seed center -- a mathematical wonder. The seeds arrange themselves in uniquely sequenced spirals that wind and curve in opposite directions, stretching out to the petals. And, the spiral is a sacred symbol of the life journey and unfolding change, always leading back to the Source. 

Indeed, the sunflower is the best representation of our mission and message: Face the sunshine and bloom where you're planted!  ​

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