Created By, Emma Donnelly

Compassionate Support For Difficult Transitions 

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The Reminder Book is a unique self-help aid for those coping with transitions due to memory loss, cognitive decline, failing health or disability. Its purpose is to calm and reassure users, helping to minimize the effects of transfer trauma or relocation stress.

It has been designed to support and comfort those (especially older adults) who can no longer live independently and are moving from home (independent living) to new care settings (with family or to assisted living/nursing home care.)

Printed in large font, with customizing features and self-contained photo sleeves, the book offers helpful reminders, supportive affirmations and soothing reflections designed to reduce the effects of transition/relocation trauma (such as fear and anxiety) and to promote acceptance. 

The Reminder Book can be used in any setting -- in the home, assisted-living facilities, nursing homes or hospice care -- and makes for a useful collaborative tool for family/friends. 


Book Features

  • Small in size (5.5" x 4.5" x .5")

  • Light-weight (5 oz., as purchased)

  • Card-stock covers, 20 lb paper pages

  • 77 pages of supportive text

  • 2 self-contained photo sleeves

  • 3 personalization pages

  • 5 blank pages, 2 note pages

  • Printed in LARGE font


  • Removable binding


  • Safe and easy to use

  • Use in any setting 

  • Simple instructions 

  • Replacement coils available

  • Easy to personalize/customize 

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  • Two (2) self-contained and UV-treated photo sleeves.

  • Great for pictures of family/friends, calendars, mementos, etc.

  • Extras available for purchase.

  • Remove spiral binding easily and quickly to change content.

  • To remove: Uncrimp one end of coil and unwind through pages.

  • To reinstall: Rewind coil through all pages and recrimp one end into the coil.

  • Reinforces positive thoughts and empowering choices.

  • Promotes confidence and acceptance, peace and gratitude.

  • includes practical reminders, reassuring reflections and soothing affirmations.

  • Can be personalized or customized for the individual user.

  • Blank pages (included) for adding new reminders, content, etc. 

  • Extra blank pages available for purchase.

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Necessity: The Mother of Invention

The idea for The Reminder Book was born in 2007, when the author's 88 year-old mother, Dorothy, was in short-term rehabilitative care after a prolonged hospital stay.


Dorothy had increasingly been experiencing symptoms of memory loss, which caused confusion, worry, frustration and sadness, especially when her loved ones were absent.

When her daughter could find no available, tangible resource that her mother could use to calm and reassure herself, she conceived an idea --- to compile a special collection of personalized, self-help reminders for her mom. That original (and primitive!) little book soon became a helpful companion for Dorothy and a wonderful resource for her family, friends, and caregivers.

​Dorothy has since passed away, but her legacy lives on as the inspiration for The Reminder Book. With its personal, customizable and creative format, The Reminder Book is a source of comfort for users and peace of mind for those who love and support them!