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"The Reminder Book"

By Emma Donnelly    

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Revised edition, with new cover and editorial changes, slated for late summer 2024, at $24.95

The Reminder Book
All Rights Reserved. See disclaimer below.*  

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"The Reminder Book" offers unique self-help for those dealing with the emotional impacts of:


  • Mild memory loss/cognitive disorder

  • Physical decline/disability

  • Loss of independence

  • Resistance to supplemental help/care

  • Care transitions (moving to assisted living/nursing home)

Contains practical reminders, soothing reflections and positive affirmations to help reduce stress, promote acceptance and inspire hope. Personalization pages and photo sleeves included.


Inspired by the author's personal experiences caring for her 89-year old mother and the challenging issues of "transfer trauma" (also known as Relocation Stress Syndrome). 


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"The Reminder Book" is easy to use and can be personalized for the user.
"The Reminder Book" contains practical reminders, soothing reflections and helpful affirmations.
The book's coil binding can be easily removed and reinstalled to modify content.
"The Reminder Book" can be personalized by adding photos, new content, etc.
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Meriatrics Sunflower

"...I don't recall seeing anything like it before, and I can think of many situations in which it would be quite valuable. It's wonderful that such a simple idea could end up helping a lot of people."

Patricia Lanoie Blanchette, MD, MPH Gerontology, Honolulu, HI

Meriatrics Sunflower

"I just read your book. It is awesome! My mother-in-law is a former hospice nurse and she also thinks the book is terrific. It needs to be circulated far and wide." 

T. Whitney

Meriatrics Sunflower

​"My employees (LNAs/RNs) love your book. They firmly believe that there are many areas where your book would be very useful. Congratulations on writing such a thoughtful and helpful book."

J. H., Home Care Company President, NH

Meriatrics Sunflower

Love your book…very much needed in long-term care. Your mom is smiling down from heaven…so much care, deep love and empathy. AGAIN, I love it!  

A. Cogan
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

*DISCLAIMER: "The Reminder Book" is intended for general informational purposes only, not to direct specific actions, dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any content as a form of treatment for physical, medical or psychological problems, either directly or indirectly. The book should not be used for self-diagnosis or as a substitute for medical care. 

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