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Performer Bios 

Andrew Silver
Professional photo of Andrew Silver, variety performer.
A variety performer on stage, balancing a step ladder on his chin
Kevin Driscoll

Kevin Driscoll is a multi-talented musical ventriloquist and entertainer who's been delighting audiences from 2 to 102 -- "the young and young-at-heart" --for years

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Kevin holds a master's degree in education and has over 20 years of teaching experience at all levels of education. His performances -- whether in-person or virtual -- uniquely blend his personal warmth, wit, and upbeat energy, with a natural insight into his audiences and their needs. 

Kevin takes special pride in performing for older adults, especially those with memory loss. His "Charlie McCarthy" replica dummy is always an audience favorite, taking seniors back to a significant period in their own lives and reviving cherished memories of Edgar Bergen, "Lamb Chop" and the Ed Sullivan Show.

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