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Social Support For Older Adults

Engagement - Enjoyment - Entertainment- Enrichment


Meriatrics  services provide for the social engagement and enjoyment of older adults through individualized visitation, companionship and activity. We also offer group entertainment and enrichment programming for older adult communities, residences and facilities.

Happy Healthy Older Man

Our business is shaped by the growing body of evidence, including that of the National Institute on Aging (NIA), which indicates that social engagement, activity and enjoyment influence better health outcomes, brain function and cognitive resilience. 

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Loneliness and isolation are now recognized to be health risks. According to AARP, nearly 1 in 5 older adults is socially isolated, usually due to imposed life changes rather than by choice. Would you believe it's as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day?

Living Life In Color

Human connection and social engagement are fundamental human needs. For those with limited access, life often feels empty and sad. Social support, delivered directly to those in need, can mean living life in full color vs. black-and-white.   

"The social needs of older adults have continued to fall through the cracks of care models (medical/personal care and in-home assistance services) that afford little time or attention to actual and meaningful social support. Research is sounding an alarm. The costs are huge. Family and friends try to help, but other interventions are needed. Meriatrics serves that need. And, Ben Franklin was right: 'An ounce of prevention' is always worth 'a pound of cure'."  Meriatrics Founder

Client Focused & Driven 

Our individual services focus exclusively on client interaction and activity. Our clients receive 100% of our time and attention. To that end, our services supplement:

  • Independent living situations, by reducing isolation and increasing opportunities for social engagement.


  • In-home assistance services, by ensuring quality one-on-one social support often lacking due to multiple combined services . 

  • Residential care programs, by expanding resident visitation beyond group activity programs conducted in facilities.

Meri Life For Quality of Life 

Our services extend, not only to improving quality of life of our older adult clients, but also to family, relatives and friends who lack the time, ability and/or proximity to provide the necessary level of support for older loved ones, and, others in need of supplemental relief or respite.

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