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Meriatrics client meeting a new companion.

Social Engagement & Enjoyment 
For Older Adults

Because social life is crucial to wellness,

especially as we age.


Welcome to Meriatrics 

Social connections are crucial to good health, personal happiness and quality of life. Yet, as isolation and loneliness in the U.S. reach epidemic proportions, the social needs of older adults continue to fall through the cracks.   

The health consequences of social isolation and loneliness are quite real and well proven. The importance of socialization in aging is directly related to wellness. It's not a luxury; it's a basic need.


That's why we've made social solutions for older adults our mission. Our services are practical and reliable, and our rates are flexible and affordable. For more information, give us a call or complete our "Free Consultation" form.  

Free Consultation

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The Alarm Is Sounding

Lonely elderly man sitting on the bed in his room.

Research shows that prolonged loneliness/isolation is dangerous, as bad as 15 cigarettes a day! Social deficits contribute to increased risk of stroke, heart disease, rising rates of memory loss/dementia and even premature death. 

We're Filling the Gap

Joyful female client in sunglasses and colorful clothing showing her excitement.

The benefits of social enjoyment are huge! And the solutions for older adults are not complex. Our client-centered service options deliver the direct, flexible social enjoyment that older adults want, need and deserve for true quality of life.

Great Gift Ideas For Older Adults

Gift boxes

Give them a gift that makes a difference: social engagement and enjoyment! eGift Cards are available from $25-200 and can be used for direct, virtual or remote services. 

Front cover of "The Reminder Book"

A little book of self-help support for those experiencing difficult life transitions due to mild memory loss, reduced independence or moving to assisted living/nursing home care. 

What People Are Saying...

Meriatrics Sunflower

"My mother hated the idea of someone coming in but you won her over. She loved sharing all those meals...It ...made a big difference."

E. Mansour, NH

Meriatrics Sunflower

"My dad would give your business a big thumbs-up. He enjoyed visits from "the girl" (even when he couldn't remember her name)..."

LaGrasse Family, MA

Meriatrics Sunflower

"...I knew my beloved mother would be in good hands. (Emma) exudes warmth reliable, understanding and patient…"

G. Grasso, IL

Meriatrics Sunflower

"I love your book and read it every day, even though I'm in good health and live alone... It helps me to stay aware and be grateful for my blessings."

R. Knight, FL 

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