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Meriatrics Older Adults
Welcome to Meriatrics!

Meriatrics provides companionship and activity services for older adults (whether living independently, in residential/long-term care or while in temporary rehabilitative care.) We also offer group entertainment programs for 55-plus communities, assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospitals and senior organizations.  


Our business model is shaped by the growing body of evidence that highlights the importance of bridging the gap between health/medical care AND social/emotional care, for improved outcomes and quality of life.


Services focus on increasing four core components: social engagement, fun and active enjoyment, new learning and enrichment, as well as multi-faceted entertainment -- to inspire a sense of joy, well-being and zest for life:

Technicolor For Life

Traditional geriatric models of the past focused primarily on the physical, medical and personal care needs of older adults. But  as ongoing research shows, social, emotional and spiritual needs are just as important.

Fulfilling those critical needs is often a challenge, especially when older adults live alone, or, are isolated and vulnerable, or, feel sad and lonely. 

Social connection, having fun and learning new things are not only vital for better health, positive aging and a general sense of well-being -- they make life worth living.

Meriatrics adds technicolor to life!

Quality of Life
Social Engagement 
Sharing Time Together
Personal Enjoyment 
Meaningful Activity
Baking Together
Cognitive Enrichment 
Curiosity & Learning
Group Entertainment 
Musical Programs
Dickens Holiday Carolers
Impacts of Loneliness & Isolation on Health

Loneliness, social isolation and limited cognitive stimulation come at great risk to one's health.

According to the National Institute on Aging, risks include "high blood pressureheart disease,obesity, a weakened immune system.. depression, cognitive decline... even death."

Benefits of Fun & Playfulness