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Elderly lady receiving social call from Meriatrics

Social Solutions For Older Adults

Because social life is crucial to wellness, cognitive resilience and quality of life, especially as we age.


Welcome to Meriatrics 

Our business is dedicated to the social engagement, enjoyment and entertainment of older adults.

As we all learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, human connection is invaluable to personal happiness and state of mind. For older adults, it's even more important. With limited social access and enjoyment, life for them can feel like one very long quarantine!


The benefits of social intervention are huge and can go a long way to enhance older adult well-being, outlook and quality of life. 

Social Life: More Important Than Ever

Older adults enjoying Meriatrics entertainment

What People Are Saying...

Meriatrics Sunflower

“I remember how glad we were to find you. My mother hated the idea of someone coming in but you won her over. She loved sharing all those meals... It really made a big difference."

E. Mansour, NH

Meriatrics Sunflower

"From the moment I met Emma (Meriatrics founder), I knew my beloved mother would be in good hands. She exudes a genuine warmth and interest…is reliable, understanding and patient…"

G. Grasso, IL

Meriatrics Sunflower

“My dad would give your business a big thumbs-up. He enjoyed visits from "the girl" (even when he couldn't remember your name). We're proud that he was a Meriatrics original!"

La Grasse Family, MA

Meriatrics Sunflower

"I don't know why someone didn't think of this before! It's definitely worth the expense to help the elderly feel better... Someday insurances will pay for these services."

K. Turcotte, FL

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