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Social Support For Older Adults  

Because older adults and their social needs matter...

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Social Life For MERI Life

Social connectedness is a basic human need for optimal health, well-being and happiness, particularly as we age.  


Meriatrics  provides social support services for older adults, to increase social engagement, enjoyment and enrichment for quality of life.  

We also offer seasonal group entertainment and enrichment programs (as available) for residential communities, care facilities and organizations.


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Our business is shaped by the growing body of evidence, including from the National Institute on Aging (NIA), that social engagement and activity provide for better health outcomes, brain function and even cognitive resilience. 

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Loneliness and isolation are recognized as potential health risks. According to AARP, nearly 1 in 5 older adults is socially isolated, usually due to imposed life changes rather than by choice. Would you believe it's as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day?

Living Life In Color

Social engagement and enjoyment are fundamental human needs. For older adults with little social access, life may feel empty and sad. Social support, delivered directly to them, can make a difference for living life in full color vs. black-and-white.   

Client-Focused Social Support

"The compelling social needs of older adults cannot be fully met through incidental medical treatment, care or support."  Meriatrics Founder

Meriatrics   services are exclusive to socialization, so they're fully client-driven to supplement:  

  • Independent living (which can limit social access)   

  • In-home "companion care" (which often combine multiple services, limiting direct client engagement or quality time) 

  • Residential long-term care (which may not have the staffing, time or funding to address individualized social needs beyond group programming) 

Clients receive 100% of our time, focus and attention for optimal engagement and enjoyment.


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