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Service Terms & Conditions 

In keeping with our commitment to service excellence, we wish to ensure that clients and prospective customers are duly and fully informed. To that end, it’s our intention to transparently disclose terms and conditions related to Individual Services, including potential limitations or exclusions that may impact consumer awareness, customer expectations, client safety or suitability of services.  

The following Terms, Conditions & Exclusions apply to our Individual Services: ​

  • Individual services are limited to social engagement (visitation and companionship) and shared companionable activity.​

  • No medical, clinical, home health, personal care, home care or household services are offered, provided or implied. ​

  • No transportation services, such as taxi, livery, ride-share or other scheduled/pre-arranged transportation services of any kind are offered, provided or implied.

  • Service providers – while experienced and qualified to provide social support and engagement services -- are not licensed/certified to provide medical, clinical, home health care or other elder assistance services subject to regulation.  

  • C​lient (or legally responsible party) must complete/sign a Client Registration Form, to include emergency contact information. ​

  • Client must be able to move, ambulate and conduct themselves safely, with minimal assistance, for all services/activities.

  • A​ny motor vehicle transportation incidental to and included in conjunction with services (including activity/enjoyment options) is extended only as a courtesy.​

  • Client must be able to get in/out of motor vehicle with only minimal assistance to be eligible to participate in activity options that involve motor vehicle transportation. 

  • Client (and/or legally responsible party) assume(s) all risks inherent to any motor vehicle transportation (if applicable), including sole risk, responsibility and liability for any travel-related damages or injuries arising from/during the provision of services.​

  • In the event of any emergency-- as determined by the sole/absolute discretion of the service provider -- 911 assistance will be requested, followed by notification of Client's emergency contact. Service providers cannot, in a determined emergency, drive a client to the hospital/emergency room or dispense/administer medications. ​

  • No smoking is allowed during services/activities, including tobacco products/vaping.

  • Providers may not accept tips/gratuities of any kind.

  • Client must abide by all Terms, Conditions and Exclusions and our COVID-19 policy.

  • Meriatrics LLC, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to change, modify, withhold, postpone, cancel, decline and/or refuse client services for any reason, including but not limited to: 

    • Inclement weather, hazardous driving conditions

    • Uncleared snow/ice, debris or unsafe conditions at service location

    • Unanticipated provider emergencies or circumstances affecting availability  

    • Reports from a provider, while on-site with a client, that client ambulation and/or physical mobility may be potentially insufficient to ensure client safety/comfort in the conduct of services and/or client participation in certain activity(ies) 

    • Client refusal to wear a seatbelt (or facemask upon request)

    • Appearance of client illness or impairment by drugs or alcohol

    • Client language that is disrespectful, offensive or abusive

    • Client behavior that is aggressive, assaultive, dangerous or threatening to our service provider or others

    • Client refusal to comply with Meriatrics LLC policies.


Thank you. Your understanding in these important matters is greatly appreciated.

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