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Our Services

We offer boutique (non-medical/non-clinical) social support solutions designed to enhance the underserved social needs of older adults and to increase their life enjoyment. 


Our individual services include one-on-one visitation and companionship -- delivered directly, virtually or remotely -- at affordable rates. Guided activity is included for optimal enjoyment (subject to client mobility/ambulation, if applicable). Activity options (as available/modified for safety, weather or other conditions) are personalized to client interest and preference.

Group services are designed to supplement entertainment and enrichment options for residents/patients in nursing homes, assisted living communities and medical facilities, as well as other senior communities/organizations.  

Our service area includes southern NH and surrounding areas in MA/ME*.

An older lady smiling while conversing with her Meriatrics companion.

Service Rates

Elderly woman smiling while enjoying a cup of tea during a social call.

Our service rates are designed for flexibility and affordability. Based on customer feedback, we offer both full and half-hour options. Additional time is always pro-rated for savings. 

Individual Services  


Direct Visit (In-home)

$40/hour - $25/half-hour

Virtual Visit (Computer)

$30/hour - $18/half-hour

Remote Visit (Phone)

$20/hour - $15/half-hour 

Group Services  


Pricing for in-house options varies by program. Customized services are tailored to client facility/organization needs and preferences. 

*Local service area within a twenty (20) mile radius of Hampton, NH. Travel surcharge of .50 per mile beyond may apply. 

Benefits of Social Support

  • Reduced loneliness/isolation

  • Less anxiety/depression

  • Reduced boredom/stress/worry

  • Sense of life purpose

  • Improved self esteem

Bright yellow smiley face.
  • Feeling connected to others

  • Better coping/emotional resilience

  • Increased hope/positivity

  • Increased interest/curiosity

  • Greater personal happiness

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