Currently suspended due to Coronavirus. Visit our Covid Connections page.

We offer individual companionship and activity services for older adults, as well as group entertainment and enrichment programming for nursing homes, assisted living residences, hospitals, and senior organizations. 

Our services are designed to:


  • Reduce loneliness and isolation through social engagement

  • Inject a sense of fun and play through activities that provide enjoyment 

  • Stimulate cognition through curiosity and discovery for enrichment



Personal Interactions

Social Connections New Friendships  


Fun and play

Activities of interest

Passive/active options



Cultural Interests

Faith/spiritual growth



Currently suspended due to Coronavirus. See our "Covid Connections" page. 

Due to Coronavirus, our entertainment/enrichment programming is temporarily suspended. However, visit our "Covid Connections" page for virtual content.


During this period, we will be expanding our group entertainment/enrichment programming to include more variety, such as new musical options, informative enrichment presentations and unique holiday options. View a preview here of one of our new upcoming offerings.

Please feel free to contact us about specific programs or topics of interest. We are happy to work with you to customize a special entertainment or enrichment experience for your residents, members or clients.

Welcoming Tiffany MacNeil
A "Wild, Wild West" Experience!

Created & Hosted By:

Tiffany MacNeil


We are pleased to introduce Tiffany MacNeil as a new Meriatrics contributor. Her musical talent and vibrant personality, coupled with her eldercare and “Memory Cafe” experience, are welcome additions to our programming. A sample video of her work is posted below. See more about Tiffany on our "Covid Connections" page.

The "Wild, Wild West” will be a 60-minute audience-interactive show, to include a virtual campfire, western-themed sing-a-long, steer-roping and spoon-playing!


The program is tentatively slated for this summer, subject to Coronavirus conditions/restrictions. Bookings will not be accepted prior to June 1, 2020. The program fee is $150.

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