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A female client smiling while getting a hug from her companion.
Value packages are here! Savings of 15-35%, including escorted outings. 


We make social calls -- directly, virtually and remotely!* See service options below


Our boutique (non-medical and non-clinical) visitation and companionship services enhance the underserved social needs of older adults, offering greater quality of life for clients and increased support/peace of mind for their families/loved ones.


All visits are personalized to client interests/social needs and include a variety of optional activities based on client preference and service method (direct-virtual-remote). 

Escorted outings -- with a companion escort and door-to-door transportation -- are included as an optional activity with (direct) hourly services/value packages (except "Seedling"). A two (2)-hour minimum applies to escorted outings, inclusive of travel.

We also offer seasonal group enjoyment programs for the winter holidays (November/December, by advance booking) and customized group entertainment/enrichment options (upon request), to supplement life-enjoyment programming in nursing homes, assisted-living residences, medical facilities or senior organizations. Special assistance services are also available on an hourly basis. Please call for more information.

100% Client-Focused

Unlike agencies that deliver multiple services at the same time, our services are devoted exclusively to pure social engagement, enjoyment and enrichment. So clients receive 100% of our time and attention.


For optimal client comfort, convenience and peace of mind, we offer virtual and remote services (via computer or phone), as well as direct in-residence visitation and companionship.


Optional activities are included for added enjoyment and enrichment, based on client choice and service method.   

An older adult man enjoying a virtual visit on his computer with a provider.
Service Options

Service Options 

Direct Visits 

Individualized social visits in local service area, with optional activity by service method. At home, in-residence or in-patient services, by hourly bookings or Value Packages. Travel surcharge(s) may apply.*

Remote Visits

Social calls by phone (mobile or landline) for those who prefer indirect visits or have no internet/technical support. Most affordable service rate. Client responsible for phone/device  charges, usage rate rates and/or overages.

Virtual Visits

Social calls via internet platforms (Zoom, Skype, etc.) Computer or tablet & wireless connection required. Set-up assistance may be needed on client end. Activity modified for virtual delivery. Available in most locations. 

Escorted Outings

Escorted outings are available as an optional activity (direct services only, two-hour minimum) for clients wanting to go "out and about". Companion escort & door-to-door travel included. Subject to Terms & Conditions. Travel surcharge may apply.*

*All services subject to Terms & Conditions. For direct services beyond local service area (NH/MA/ME within 25-mile radius of Hampton, NH), a nominal mileage surcharge for gas/travel may apply.

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