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To foster a more complete sense of joy, purpose and well-being in the hearts and lives of older adults, through increased social engagement and meaningful activity, shared in a spirit of friendship and engendered with the respect, sensitivity and dignity they deserve.


Our mission is inspired by the sunflower -- a symbol of health and vitality, achieved through the attraction of light. Learn more here about the amazing sunflower!


Quality health care today is about much more than identifying and managing medical needs. As research shows, social care (human connection and social, emotional and intellectual growth) is just as important for optimal health and quality of life, at all ages and stages.   

All older adults, especially those who live alone or reside in short or long term care settings, deserve no less. They, too, need the connection, stimulation and enjoyment that contribute to collective quality of life. Yet, for many older adults, isolation, medical issues, or physical limitations are often barriers to meaningful social engagement, intellectual/cognitive activity and just plain fun. 

As we move forward in our mission to inspire others with a true "zest for life", we also hope to raise awareness of these fundamental issues and to inspire greater understanding and compassion toward older adults.

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"From the moment I met Emma, I knew my beloved mother would be in good hands. Emma exudes a genuine warmth and interest in the well-being of her clients. She's reliable, understanding, patient and undeniably suited for this kind of work." G. Grasso, Chicago.

Emma Donnelly

Meriatrics was founded and launched in 2018 by Emma (Cormier) Donnelly. Her vision for Meriatrics is inspired by both personal and professional experience -- providing companionship, memory support, personal and end-of-life care to others, especially older adults.


Originally from Andover, MA, Ms. Donnelly is the author/creator of "The Reminder Book", a self-help aid for those in transitional care, especially those with memory disorder. 

Prior to retirement in 2012, Ms. Donnelly served as a flight attendant for United Airlines for over 33 years. She has also served in various volunteer capacities -- as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for abused and neglected children (MA), a Big Sister mentor for young girls (CA) and an ambassador volunteer for Exeter Hospital (NH).

Prior to the passing of her late husband, John F. Donnelly, Ms. Donnelly devoted significant time as a citizens' advocate in Methuen, MA, where she was also a candidate for mayor in 1993.