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Inspired By Sunflowers

Meriatrics was founded in 2019 to offer sensible social solutions for reducing older adult loneliness and isolation through increased social engagement and enjoyment.


Despite the many health/support services that older adults receive, there continues to be an all-too-common social void. Older adults want, need and deserve the same social interaction that we all enjoy. The key for them is access and that's what we deliver -- conveniently, flexibly and affordably. 


Our services are inspired by the beautiful sunflower -- which depicts the positivity of the stage (wisdom, strength and resilience) and the possibilities of our age (peace, beauty and joy). 

A client and provider smiling and waving while sitting on a deck at the beach.
A female client and her Meriatrics companion smiling and waving to the camera while enjoying time together on a deck at the beach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce older adult isolation and loneliness, one client at a time, through flexible/dependable social engagement services that prioritize authentic, respectful and compassionate relationships with clients, enhance their life enjoyment and underscore the values upon which our business is built: honesty, integrity, reliability and affordability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire quality of life for all older adults, by delivering service excellence in keeping with our mission statement; modelling the high esteem in which older adults should be held; dispelling misconceptions or negative stereotypes associated with growing older; and, sharing a philosophy that inspires hope and resilience for aging -- keep your face to the sunshine and bloom where you're planted!

A bright yellow sunflower, a symbol of Meriatrics services.

Our Commitment

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to the highest levels of service excellence and strict standards of performance. 

If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, we want to hear from you. Our reputation drives our business, by inspiring the confidence of you, our clients and customers.


We value your feedback. Call us at 603.396.0426 or email is at:

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