This policy sets forth a general framework of our COVID-19 policy, as relates to any permissible/allowable services during the Coronavirus pandemic. This policy will be updated as the situation warrants.       

Notwithstanding this policy and its intended purpose to help minimize virus spread and to conduct safe business practices based on CDC guidelines, parties subject to this policy acknowledge that potential risks still exist for contracting COVID-19, for which Meriatrics accepts no associated responsibility or legal liability.

This policy relies on and is governed exclusively by the guidance of the U.S. Centers For Disease Control (CDC) for all COVID-19 related matters. Refer to the CDC website at or call (800) 232-4636.


  • Will coordinate and facilitate services/performances/delivery, by and between booking facilities/venues and service providers.


  • Will obtain, upon request, a copy of facility/venue safety policy (for external visitors, providers, etc.), for service provider review.


  • Will promptly cancel scheduled services/performance (without penalty to facility/venue) of any service provider who requests removal upon self-screening.


  • Will prohibit services/performance of any provider who specifically indicates symptoms/exposure/contraction of the virus, unless and until all related CDC protocols have been followed and respective health/safety guidelines, including medical measures, have been met and assured. 


  • Reserves the right to modify/cancel/postpone services/performances, if in our sole opinion, doing so is warranted based on CDC guidelines for the health/safety of others.


  • Reserves the right to refuse to provide services as requested in the event that the service provider or facility/venue fail to provide sufficient safeguards, in Meriatrics sole opinion, for the prevention of COVID-19 as set out by CDC guidelines.


  • Reserves the right to change/modify this policy at any time, for any reason.

Service Providers:

  • Will routinely review CDC guidelines, will conduct CDC-guided self-screening prior to scheduled services/performances and will follow all related CDC measures as warranted.


  • Will promptly notify Meriatrics for removal from scheduled services/performance, if they feel unwell, knowingly have symptoms of, been exposed to or contracted the virus or have any other concerns related to self-screening.


  • Agree to follow facility/venue-specific policies (as apply to external visitors, providers, etc.) and conform to CDC guidelines while providing services.


  • Will use appropriate mitigation measures, including hand sanitizing, social distancing and the wearing of face masks (unless appropriately/safely modified, between facility/venue and service provider, for performance quality/purposes.)


  • Reserve the right to decline any scheduled services/performances if, in their opinion, their health/safety, or that of others, might be compromised.



  • Will provide an advance copy of their COVID-19 policy (for external visitors, providers, etc.) upon request.


  • Will enforce, at a minimum, CDC-recommended mitigation measures, including staff/client/audience hand sanitizing, social distancing and the wearing of face masks, while Meriatrics business is being conducted.


  • Will include providers/performers in occupancy counts, discuss with providers safety-appropriate set-up measures for performance quality and will be responsible for seating.


  • Will not allow audience members to be present during provider/performer set-up and will not touch or permit others to touch service provider equipment/personal belongings, to prevent cross contamination.


  • Reserve the right to cancel/postpone any scheduled Meriatrics services/performance, with right of rescheduling and without financial penalty, for health/safety reasons.