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Our COVID-19 Policy 

We value the health and safety of all clients, providers, audiences, and facility personnel. Therefore, to set forth measures for the prevention/mitigation of COVID-19 and related illnesses in the conduct of business, we have established this Policy in conformity with the COVID-19 guidelines/recommendations of the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as in effect as of 8/1/22 and upon which this Policy exclusively relies.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations are located at:

All with whom we conduct business (including, but not limited to, clients, providers, independent contractors, facility/venue staff, and facility/venue personnel, residents, and visitors) are subject to this Policy. Each party is responsible for: 1) complying with all CDC guidelines in effect at the time that services are provided, 2) reviewing relevant state/local guidelines in order to determine the level of conduct required for compliance in the specific locality where services are to be delivered, and 3) meeting or exceeding all CDC/State/Local Guideline Standards in effect when services are rendered. ​State COVID-19 guidelines/recommendations can be found at:



CLIENTS who receive one-on-one companionship/visitation services agree to:

  • Disclose their vaccination status and to provide proof upon request.

  • Cooperate with any routine screening conducted in conjunction with service appointments

  • Observe CDC prevention guidelines located at (as may be updated from time to time) during their service appointments, as related to their vaccination status.

  • To wear a mask and/or to observe social distancing upon request of a service provider 


SERVICE PROVIDERS who conduct one-on-one companionship/visitation services and independent contractors who deliver our group entertainment/enrichment programs (including their respective subcontractors/employees/personnel) agree to:

  • Disclose their vaccination status/medical exception and provide proof upon request

  • Review all CDC/state/local COVID-19 requirements, as routinely updated

  • Implement measures for self-protection and that of others, before/during/post services

  • Participate in any screening measures required by facilities/venues

  • Self-screen/self-test/self-govern (based on vaccination status) prior to client appointments

  • If sick, stay home, isolate/quarantine and/or seek medical advice/treatment, etc., as warranted and notify Meriatrics LLC immediately for cancellation of service appointment.

  • Notify Meritrics LLC for rescheduling*, if upon arrival at a service appointment they wish to decline services due to a concern that a client, facility/venue staff member or audience member exhibits potential COVID-related symptoms.


Group ​service providers are also subject to Covid-related requirements of the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), as may apply to their respective subcontractors/employees/personnel and located at:

FACILITIES/VENUES (including personnel at nursing homes, medical facilities, senior residences and other venues where our group entertainment/enrichments programs are delivered) agree to:

  • ​Provide an advanced copy of COVID-19 policies pertaining to outside contractors/vendors

  • Screen providers/independent contractors (if warranted) upon arrival

  • Cancel service(s) if provider screening is unsuccessful

  • Review relevant facility/venue COVID-19 policies with providers upon arrival

  • Monitor provider compliance while onsite and during service(s) delivery

  • Contact Meriatrics LLC prior to scheduled performance/presentation to report any issues


Meriatrics LLC reserves the right to refuse, modify, cancel, postpone and/or reschedule services if, in our sole opinion, doing so is warranted for the potential health/safety of others. We may also change/modify this Policy at any time, for any reason.

COVID-19 (and related illnesses) can pose serious health risks. While this Policy is intended to help mitigate virus spread, we are unable to make any guarantees that you or others will not become exposed/infected. Parties subject to this Policy accept all inherent risks and acknowledge that all risks incurred or suffered are personally/individually assumed, and not the responsibility of Meriatrics LLC.  

Thank you. Your understanding and compliance are greatly appreciated.

* Rescheduling: COVID-related service cancellations will be rescheduled subject to client preference, mutual agreement between the parties, provider availability and CDC-recommended safety/medical protocols.


Rev. 8/1/22

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